Past Events

BourneFlyerData & Doughnuts:  A Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Philip Bourne, April 20, 2016.  

OHSU students and postdocs were invited to discuss the current and future states of data science and policy with Dr. Bourne, Associate Director for Data Science at the National Institutes of Health.  Dr. Bourne and his team oversee and provide a vision for data science at the NIH, including the sharing and sustainability of data and tools, and the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative.  Additional guests included, Mark Hahnel, the founder of Figshare, and Bastian Greshake, the co-founder of OpenSNP.  With doughnuts and coffee in hand, OHSU’s early career researchers had the opportunity to engage with these leaders and address the open science questions and issues that matter to them most.



GitAn Introduction to Collaboration with Git & Github, March 4, 2016

Open Insight, the OHSU Library, and the OHSU Data Jamboree partnered to organize a hands-on workshop with Ted Hart, PhD, a Silicon Valley data scientist and open science advocate. Ted’s talk, “Open Science Stack:  Best Practices for Reproducible Research in Industry and Academia”, was followed by an interactive curriculum on version control with Git, creating and managing a Github repository, and working open and collaboratively on the Web.  The workshop inspired the OHSU Library’s ongoing involvement in the Data Jamboree series, which is led by the OHSU Computational Biology Department and provides a learning and discussion forum for topics related to data science that are underpinned by open source tools and development.



FreemeanCode for Science:  How Data Sharing, Visualization, Modularity, and the Web Can Change How We Do Science, February 24, 2016

Jeremy Freeman, PhD, a Group Leader at Janelia Research Campus and HHMI Investigator, and Max Ogden, an open web programmer and developer at the data sharing system Dat, showed OHSU faculty, students, and postdocs how to use the open source project Electron to build desktop application prototypes, such as custom visualization dashboards to explore their results.  Dr. Freeman also gave a talk entitled “Open Source, Open Science, and the Brain”.  The Open Insight team has since continued our collaboration with Max Ogden, and we are partnering with him to host Science Hack Portland in October, 2016.



ShreejoyMore Than Your Results:  A Roundtable Discussion on Making Data Open, Smarter & More Productive, January 27, 2016

Shreejoy Tripathy, PhD, from the Centre for High-Throughput Biology at the University of British Columbia and founder of, an open web database that extracts and centralizes information about electrophysiological properties from the literature, spoke with OHSU students, postdocs, and faculty about the importance and essential practices of open data sharing.  Dr. Tripathy also presented a talk entitled A genome-wide approach for identifying novel genes regulating neuronal electrophysiology, which demonstrated the research utility of the NeuroElectro data.